Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Jambu!

On April 28, zoo keepers had a birthday party in Como Zoo's primate building for the resident adult male orangutan Jambu.  Jambu celebrated his 29th birthday by opening presents containing his diet, some fabric, and special treats. 

Jambu opens one of his presents

Zoo keepers also made him a "cake" of sorts using the monkey chow from his diet and decorated the orangutan exhibit with streamers and other festive decorations. 

Jambu was nice enough to share his treats and presents with his other red-headed friends.  Orangutans in the wild typically live to be 30-45 years old, but in captivity can live to be 50 years or more.  Here's to many more Happy Birthdays for Jambu!

Jambu shares his birthday "cake" with Markisa

Jambu, the birthday boy

Jaya thinks the box is the best part of the presents

Amanda enjoys one of the presents