Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not your average morning

Last Friday was a reminder to me that I do not have a normal 9-5 job.

My day started out in the Primate building, where the keepers and vets were preforming a routine physical on Schroeder, Como Zoo's biggest gorilla weighing in at 500lbs. Once fully sedated, the cardiology team from the University of Minnesota were able to get some great ultrasound views of Schroeder's heart, even to the point of being able to see the valves opening and closing. Schroeder also had his teeth and blood work checked, blood pressure tested, and got all his necessary vaccinations.

Following a successful procedure where Schroeder received a clean bill of health, I went to the Aquatic Animal building where I assisted with ultrasounds for our seals and sea lions. This was merely practice for the pinnipeds and they did swimmingly (pun intended!), holding very still for the veterinarian and giving us a good picture of their internal organs.

Definitely not your average morning...

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