Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whole Foods Shopping Trip to help Como Zoo

Buy groceries and earn money for programs and improvements at Como! Whole Foods Market in Saint Paul celebrates the community during select "5% Days" that allow nonprofit partners to receive a donation totaling 5 % of that day's net sales.
Today, Wednesday, April 29th shop at the Whole Foods Market located at 30 South Fairview Ave in Saint Paul and help Como receive a valuable donation!

I went this morning to do my part for Como Friends and purchased lunch for today. I also brought in my #5 containers as Whole Foods has teamed up with Preserve to recycle containers that can't go into the normal recycling pick up in the Twin Cities such as yogurt, hummus, and cottage cheese containers. These containers are ground up into pellets and turned into Preserve products such as toothbrushes, tableware, and kitchen bowls, cutting boards, etc. It's a great way to reuse the containers that would otherwise find their way into the trash. Make your way to Whole Foods today to help Como Friends and get some delicious food at the same time!

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