Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And then there were three...

Yesterday we introduced the Grant's Zebras in hopes they will breed. The male Ulysses has watched the two females Thelma and Minnie for a year or two from his exhibit across the visitor path at the hoof stock area as they ran together in a display with the lesser kudu, crowned cranes, and yellow-billed stork. After making some minor changes to the yard to ensure a safe introduction, the three of them were united in the exhibit before the zoo opened for the day. Initially Ulysses was a bit confused as to where he was, then chased Thelma and Minnie around the display to say hello, followed by checking out the display on his own. Now, they are comfortably munching hay as if they'd always been together. Our hope is they will breed within a month or so at which time Ulysses will move back over to his display with the ostrich and the other inhabitants of the female zebras exhibit will get to go out for the season. Keep your fingers crossed for a black and white baby next year!

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