Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chino is learning how to be a star!

Training is all about baby steps or approximations towards a final goal. When you get to see an animal perform a behavior, it may only take a few seconds, but many times the animal and trainer have been practicing the behavior for months and sometimes even years in order to learn the final product. Chino has been part of the trainer process since he arrived to Como in April 2007. He is very good with training and we hope that someday Chino can co-star in the Sparky Show. However, before that can happen he has to get used to a lot of different things; things most people would even think are a big deal, but he sure does! Chino has been out on our new Sparky stage many times since the weather has been nice and he is slowly getting used to the sights, smells, and sounds of the stage, but up until today he has never had visitors in the Sparky arena with him. He's been doing so well that today we thought we would invite a small group of kids into the amipitheater to help acclimate Chino to crowds. His first audience was small with about 30 kids and grown-ups. Everyone had to be on their very best behavior and sit very quietly so Chino didn't get scared and leave. He was fabulous! He looked around at everyone, looked back at his pool upstairs and then decided he would work with his trainer on a few behaviors. He even barked for everyone! Afterwards he went back upstairs with his trainer while Sparky showed off for the crowd. Thanks Chino!

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