Friday, May 23, 2008

Let the sun shine!

After a long winter and an even longer spring, the weather and construction around the zoo has finally cooperated enough for the Zebra and Giraffe to go out. After the yards had been cleaned and given the once over, we opened the doors for Jahari and Daisy Giraffe, and Ulysses the Grant's Zebra to enjoy the sunshine. All were a bit hesitant as is usual for hoofstock when there is a change in routine, but after only a few minutes, Ulysses was running and kicking up his heels as the giraffe calmly walked their exhibit, nibbling the new grass and looking at their adoring fans. We hope to get the rest of the giraffe herd out in the next week. Jenga, the almost two year old, seemed eager, but has not ventured out yet. 8 month old Autumn and mother Clover will get to go outside when it warms up a bit more. For now, they can be seen on the inside exhibit.

Let the Sun Shine and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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