Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prelude to a kiss...

Working as a zoo keeper is an interesting job that is not always as glamorous as it would seem. Sure, you get to work with really cool exotic animals, but most days you come home hot and smelly after doing mostly janitorial work for creatures that make the same mess day in and day out. One of the coolest things zoo keepers get to do is build relationships with the animals they care for on a daily basis. Both my husband and I work with the animals here at Como Zoo, so I knew when I got married I wanted to have my marriage to my husband "sealed" with a kiss, a sea lion kiss to be exact!

Over the course of the month prior to my wedding, I made sure the kiss behavior was solid with Sparky VI, our show sea lion. I desensitized her to being sent to kiss another person as well as to the voluminous dress and veil that I would be wearing. After all, I didn't want fish slobber to get on my dress!

On August 31st, 2003, after the ceremony, the bridal party and guests made our way into the zoo and to the Sparky Amphitheater. Sparky came down and planted a kiss on my husband and me.

It all worked out perfectly, Sparky was very good about not splashing water or getting fish slobber on us and she also has a permanent place in our wedding album!

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