Friday, October 8, 2010

Report From ZooKeeper Julie On Her Trip To The Arctic!

Last week I got the opportunity to represent Como Zoo at Polar Bear International’s Zookeeper Leadership Camp. I went to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada along with 13 other keepers from around North America. We learned more about climate change and how it is affecting polar bears. It was an amazing and inspiring trip of a lifetime. I feel very lucky to have seen polar bears in their natural habitat and only wish everyone could make the trip to gain a better appreciation of what polar bears are facing and how we can help. There really are little words to describe the feeling of staring straight into a wild polar bear’s dark eyes. On our very first morning we were lucky enough to see a young male and after our first sighting we were asked: “Can you truly look into those eyes and say You will not help in their fight for survival?”

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