Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Teen on the Tundra's Final Blog Entry

Today is my last day on this amazing and life-changing trip.
Its extremely hard to have to say goodbye to all the wonderful friends
I've made and to the tundra that has been my home for the last week.
We're flying out of Churchill to Winnipeg, and then back to our own
states, territories, and countries. Its very solemn today, we all
reminisced on the wonderful week we've had as we walked back to the one
room airport they have in Churchill. We all were in tears as we said our
last goodbyes and came together for one final group hug. We have all
become one big family and though were sad to be leaving, we are SO
motivated to work together on our group project and to stay in contact
with each other, even with our Aussies :) I have taken so much away
from this trip. It has taught me a lot about what is happening in the
world I am about to enter and about what i am able to do in order to
change these events. It has given me great confidence in myself and in
how I can spread the message of conservation. It has also given me
friendship and a great support system to help and motivate me in my my
efforts to change. What I have taken away form this trip is something
that I am certain only happens once in a lifetime and to have had the
opportunity to experience that, is something I value i with all my
heart. I want to thank the Como Zoo for sponsoring and supporting me to
allow me to go on this wonderful trip. I'd also like to thank PBI for
making it possible for teens to have this kind of experience.
Climate change is a challenge that is threatening our planet.
Just like any other global challenge, there is controversy, hesitation,
and confusion. The threats we are facing due to the results of climate
change are very scary and potentially permanent. But we have to remember
that it can be easily reversed. Looking back in history, we see several
conflicts that have taken large amounts of patience, education, and
power from the people. Our own story of the beautiful bald eagle is a
great example of just that! So let this be a sign of hope for us and a
reference that if we all put our best efforts together, use technology
to make greener innovations, and to be aware of the things we as
individuals are doing to our environment, we can flight climate change
and protect the animals that are getting affected by it. Looking into
the eyes of a polar bear has definitely changed me as a person. The
polar bear is a remarkable creature as are all the wildlife of the
arctic. Its time we worked together as a community, a city, a country,
and a world, to help these animals and the environment we all live in.
Thank you all for reading my blogs and for supporting myself
and my trip up here. This is something I really appreciate and intend to
repay with my best efforts to raise awareness, help conserve, and
ultimately change our world for the better.

-Kathryn Ravey

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