Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Arctic Ambassador's 1st Blog Update!

Here is our Arctic Ambassador's first blog!


Hello! Well, after several long flights and very little sleep, I've
arrived in Winnipeg! Because of the time of year, there is no snow on
the ground so to me (being a Minnesotan) it feels like a nice spring
day here! Today, I got to meet all the other teen arctic ambassadors!
They are all SUCH great people! We all seemed to bond right away. We
played "get to know you games" and had tons of fun sharing our different
cultures. For example, the 2 Australians on the trip had great accents
and told us all about what they call different things vs. what we all
cal them. Such as tomatoes and tomatoes! It looks like were gonna be a
very close group by the end of the trip. We also made a sign for a
website called:, which is a website dedicated to getting
people from around the world to start and share their environmentally
friendly action plan, on the website! Our sign (that will be on the
website) let people know what we are doing and how we are helping the

Interesting Fact of the Day #1: Polar bears often come into the
town of Churchill and have to be coaxed into a pen, until official
release them back into the wild! It was estimated that around 100 polar
bears came into the town of Churchill last year.

Even though today was very fun, tomorrow is the day things will
start getting really fun! We had past ambassadors come talk to us about
the things we will see and experience. I have no doubt that this trip,
will be one of the most memorable and life-changing trips in my life.
Tomorrow, we have to get up at 4:30 to catch 6 o'clock flight to
Churchill, the Polar capital of the world! And to be on the Tundra Buggy
for the first time! I can't wait!

-Kathryn Ravey

Continue to check back for more updates!

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