Monday, October 18, 2010

Zoo Keeper reports & pictures from the Arctic

Sara, one of our zoo keepers, is in the Arctic right now with Polar Bears International. She has been sending me great, quick reports & pictures I want to share. These are from Friday - Sunday:

Day 5

The bears hunkered down today in day beds they made in the kelp. One guy took a short break from his nap to stretch a bit and play with the kelp, tossing it in the air and catching it on his paw, and then went back to sleeping. Lazy bears!

Day 6
Today we saw the first sparing of the season! With no food or females to compete for, at this time of year males will play fight on cool days. Of course scientists aren't sure why, but they think this is the bears way of going to the gym and preparing the strength they will need for hunting all winter.

Day 7
A bear that weighs far more than a human can walk on less ice without falling through because their 4 dinner sized paws distribute their weight and their 2 inch claws help them keep their grip on the ice.

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