Monday, March 7, 2011

Long distance love for the flamingos?

Como Zoo's Animal Support Building provides winter housing for the ducks, geese, and flamingos of the bird yard. There are several large holdings where the birds are housed with pools for swimming and deck space for sleeping, eating, etc. We have 17 flamingos here at the zoo and they can't all fit into one holding, so they are split into two groups. Recently during the morning cleaning, we discovered that at least two of the flamingos think they should be in a different holding area. "Grace" did go back into her correct holding, but it was fun to watch her venture out into the hallway and watch for "Beau" to stick his head out. Maybe there are some sparks between those two!

"Grace" and "Beau" peeking out of holding while they think the keepers aren't watching.

"Grace" getting brave and venturing out into the hall.

"Grace" thinking about making a break for the other holding to be with "Beau".

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