Friday, October 3, 2008

First night on the tundra buggy!!!

Hey everyone!!!! I arrived in Winnipeg yesterday at around 2 PM. I didn't get lost in the airport! Yay! I was greeted by Robert and Carolyn Buchanan and soon met with the other campers in the lobby restaurant. Everyone was so nice. We sat and talked until everyone arrived at about 4:30 and then we gathered in the “Lakeside” meeting hall in the hotel. We did an ice breaker, listened to guest speakers from the sponsor’s of the camp, and ate a delicious dinner (which had AMAZING deserts!) After dinner we had a power point presentation by Robert Taylor who takes incredible pictures out here on the tundra! I envy his picture taking skills. After that inspiring power point, we were given CANADA GOOD JACKETS!!!!!!!!, probably the most amazing jackets ever. We are the first camp to receive these 350$ blue jackets with a fur hood! How cool is that?! After the meeting we departed to our rooms and got ready for bed. My roommate was awesome! Her name is Maribeth Flowers. Seeing we had to arise at 4 AM, we went straight to bed after talking for a while.

Our day consisted of waking up at 4 Am and boarding a small personal jet. We visited Parks Canada wildlife center and then got on a coach bus and headed for the small town of Churchill; which has a population of about 900 people. Very different from our Como Park Community, but very unique and full of character. After walking down the street we ate lunch at Gypsy's cafe and soon after we visited the school/community center, post office, and the amazing Hudson Bay! After our little tour, we hopped on the coach bus and visited the polar bear jail! we met with Sean Bobier who is the Conservation Officer of Churchill.

After that... what we all were waiting for!!! Our first expedition to the Tundra Buggy! We drove for about 2 hours onto the tundra and arrived at our amazing Tundra Buggy Lodge! The group claimed bunks and then gathered for a safety meeting. The meeting ended and we scurried to the dinner car to eat a delicious dinner cooked by Robert Greg the cook! We ate sandwiches and soup! Now the group is just blogging away and hopefully...waiting to see the Northern Lights!!!!!!!

Now I'm off to see the Aurora Borealis!!!

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