Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home from the tundra!

It's always a weird feeling coming back to work after a vacation, but this is a completely new feeling! I have been in Churchill for the last 2 weeks out on the Tundra Buggy everyday talking with visitors about Polar Bears International and polar bears in general. As a zookeeper, my main responsibility was to share with people how polar bears in zoos are turning out to be some of the most important subjects to help us protect bears in the wild! They are serving as ambassadors for their wild counterparts in an unprecedented way by participating in research projects that help us learn more about bears in the wild and protect them more effectively. In addition, I go on to talk about just how amazingly the bears have adapted to one of the harshest climates in the world. I was truly inspired by being out on the tundra everyday talking with people who care about bears, collaborating with other zookeepers, and answering questions about polar bears and climate change. Sometimes it may feel like the problem is too big, or its too late to change, but talking with the top scientists who say we can still change and meeting so many people who care and are ready to take action got me motivated to make as many changes in my life as I can! Now I am hoping to keep this momentum and inspire all of us to lead more sustainable lives in hopes of saving the polar bears!

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Gramma said...

The tundra buggies are huge -- I have a couple of questions:

1) I'm wondering what sort of people take the trips on the buggies -- what draws them to Churchill for this experience -- and what sort of training or orientation are they given to keep a respectful distance from the bears?

2) Now that you're back, if you what do you wish you would have known before you went on this trip that would have made it a better experience for you?