Sunday, October 5, 2008

guest speakers!

Hello Como! Here are a few pictures from my previous days of adventures!!

Today was filled with adventurous activities but i would like to just touch base on a few of the most exciting and important ones.

We ventured onto the tundra, hoping to spot some bears, and after almost giving up and going home we did! Or should I say James did! Out in the distance along the horizon James spotted the mom and two cubs that we think were the ones we spotted yesterday. The group got to witness them trudging across the water in a single file line and resting in the grass on the other side. That was an amazing site. I definitely took a lot of pictures!

After returning from our adventure on the tundra we did some group activities and then Carolyn and Robert's friends from Churchill came in and talked with us about their career as trappers. Parker, Jim, and Betty brought with tons of different pelts from various animals which were incredible! Everyone got to feel them and take pictures with them. They told us about their lives and told us some stories about their hunting experiences. Definitely very inspiring...

The group then was greeted by a man named Kevin Burke. He is an official Tundra Buggy driver. We all sat in the meeting car listening to his fantastic stories about driving the buggy's and how he got started in the business. His inspirational stories and words of wisdom consisting of "follow your dreams" brought tears to my eyes. Kevin is an amazing guy.

Now I'm off to watch the sunset!! : )

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